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Super Mario Run

【MARIELEN】 Yoshi easily clears the special stage of the black coin


If it is Yoshi who steps on the sawtooth, he can do a musou. For your reference.

00:00 It is easier to jump from the first hill. In the case of Yoshi, if you step behind the saw blade halfway it will be easier to put on the other side.
00:08 Get a coin while stepping on saw.
00:20 If you jump a little at the cliffs, it will be a jump that will not reach the far end on the other side. Even if you can not get it in one shot, you can get a coin if you fine-adjust by wall jumping.
00:25 Jump from the opposite shore → If you jump at a height that does not fall, you will not catch the upper and lower saws.
00:27 Go safely with wall jumping.
00: 34 If you step on without thinking about it, you can jump over it.
00:38 Be careful not to hit the back of the block because it will drop mushrooms.
00:45 If you step on the back side of this saw blade and shift to Fujimori jump as it is, you can easily adjust the height of the wall jump.
00:52 The sawtooth on the top seems to be fake. I have never died bumping into it.
00: 57 I will attract you until it collapses and it will fall.
01:05 I will step on the saw as much as possible. If possible, we recommend going at a stroke.
01:12 difficult place. You had better jump early.
01:22 Kuppa's landing is a signal of a dash.

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-Super Mario Run

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