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Cottage Corde showdown with parents and children! 【POKE Forest】 # 354 Coordination of cottages When you make a showdown w

Coordinate confrontation with parent and child using new function cottage ♪ Progress / examination is my 1st daughter! The result of the stupid confrontation … …? ! ★ Please register your channel !!! → ★ Sound effect, I am informed on BGM Sound effect laboratory → Pocket sound → ★ BGM: From the Youtube audio library ★ I am indebted to you by frame, frame FrameDesign → ★ Editing software: Aviutil Views:1543746162 High likelihood: 34 Low likelihood: 3 Posted on:2018-12-02 10:22:42 Video ID:aRZ-1A5l8Ig

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Isabelle + Animal Crossing Switch Reveal Trailer Nintendo Direct 2018

The Official Reveal Trailer of Isabelle in Super Smash Bros Ultimate and Reveal of Animal Crossing for Nintendo Switch from September 2018 Nintendo Direct. Views:1536878610 High likelihood: 6672 Low likelihood: 226 Posted on:2018-09-13 22:43:30 Video ID:PGEIiYOzwSc

【Poke Forest】 5000 How to put out bell cookies 【Capture】

How can I make 5000 bell cookies easier? [最新版クッキーもらえる生きもの] ▶ 【Supplementary information】 · This method does not have to be continued at all times. It is good to use this method only when 5000 cookie is difficult to go out! is what it means. · In Gachage, "People who are about to quit the game" will get preferential treatment (entertainment) in the game such as raise item discharge rate in Gacha up. So, I will aim for 5000 cookie appearance rate UP by playing the play of those who are likely to quit Poke Forest. · If you actively participate …


~ Hope you enjoyed the video! ~ SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE HIGHLIGHTS !! All of my content comes from Etika's stream go subscribe to him! BECOME A SPONSOR: – Subscribe to ETIKA: – Subscribe to HACTOS: SUPPORT ME ON KO – FI: SUPPORT ME ON PAYPAL: My twitter: ETIKA's twitter: See you next time;)! Views:1536879139 High likelihood: 2863 Low likelihood: 215 Posted on:2018-09-13 22:52:19 Video ID:xTX_uIfg1cs

Pocket Forest one year anniversary! Let's get limited items and celebrate with everyone! Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Live Letter Play

This video is distributed with the permission of Nintendo Copyrighted Work. Campaign level not suitable for the first anniversary. Lol I am earnest now (^ _ -) – ☆ Animal cross forest pocket camp installation is here ↓ For iOS ↓ For Android ↓ ———- Kurumi 's goods have been made! T-shirt · Parker · Mug · Tote Bag · Sumaho Cover. Since there are things of a handy price, please check it (* 'ω' *)! In the video we introduce Parker and mug! It is not limited time so please do as you like! (Goods design is self made.) …

(Trailer Analysis and Theories)

Animal Crossing Switch is a gam everyone is excited for, despite the fact we know nothing about it … or so we think! Today I 'm going over Everything we know about Animal Crossing Switch !! Music I used in this video: ——————————— Second Channel: Twitter: Discord: FC: SW-5822-0575-5312 (Add me and then lets play through Discord) ——————————— Thanks SO MUCH for watching !!! I have tons more content coming soon! Any feedback in the comments is greatly appreciated and I try to respond to EVERY comment I get !!! Views:1539382727 High likelihood: 542 Low likelihood: 140 Posted on:2018-10-12 22:18:47 …

【Poke Forest】 Christmas garden in jingle Latter half of the hat's darkness … And difficult subject! # 178 【Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp】

If you do not mind registering channels, highly appreciated, please comment! ◆ Channel registration → Jingle Christmas garden second half Timing likely to be compatible This time is set strictly To confirm the appearance rate and capture rate From the place where mushes come out I'm going to see … How horrible this is … Is this the darkness of Hatoshi? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ · People who would like to receive cookies from animal must-see! 【Poke Forest】 thorough verification! The point where cookies are received from animal is kore! # 77 【Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp】 · Those who want to increase the …


EPIC GAMERS REACTIONS TO ANIMAL CROSSING COMING TO THE SWITCH – Nintendo Direct 9.13.2018 STREAMERS / YOUTUBERS – EJ LEMON – WiiUGamer12 – Afro Sakurai™ – RS Gabe – sunsbookishgamesx – lil chu – Tylenthecreator – Tyre – JacobsOcarina – Etika – TriHex aka TriHard – MY SOCIAL MEDIAS – ▸ TWITTER – ▸ DISCORD – ETIKA SOCIAL MEDIAS – ▸ YOUTUBE – ▸ TWITTER – YT BANNER MADE BY NEGATION – ▸ YOUTUBE – ▸ TWITTER – ▸ OUTRO SONG – Views:1537048815 High likelihood: 403 Low likelihood: 17 Posted on:2018-09-15 22:00:15 Video ID:RGT2MzI26ZQ

Increase capture rate in the second half of the jungle garden? 【Poke Forest】 # 355 Jingle Christmas Garden Later Half!

Christmas event, the second half of Christmas garden in jingle finally started! This time it is only us … the capture rate was good ((+ _ +)) ★ Please register your channel !!! → ★ Sound effect, I am informed on BGM Sound effect laboratory → Pocket sound → ★ BGM: From the Youtube audio library ★ I am indebted to you by frame, frame FrameDesign → ★ Editing software: Aviutil Views:1543837023 High likelihood: 23 Low likelihood: 2 Posted on:2018-12-03 11:37:03 Video ID:Mo1GxnEP_Zo

Animal Crossing: City Folk … 10 YEARS LATER

Revisiting my old town in Animal Crossing: City Folk … 10 YEARS LATER With the announcement of a new Animal Crossing game for the new next year, I just HAD to go back and play an older Animal Crossing game. When I first got this game back when it was was released in November 2008, I played it to DEATH. I was only 15 back then and boy have times changed. Today, I'm revisiting my old town of Hyrule to what I was up to 10 years ago. SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE! Sorry about being exposed for basically all of September. …

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