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Andrew Smith Kimura from the bottom in competition

2017/12/31   -BIGBANG

Browse nearly 100 different video tutorials (words and video): Revolution Brazilian Jiu Jitsu strives to produce extremely concise, entertaining, informati… 再生回数:1511539322 高評価数: 16 低評価数: 0 投稿日時:2017-11-24 16:02:02 ビデオID:c_gL65TYST8

BIGBANG’s Taeyang Personally Writes About Upcoming Marriage With Min Hyo Rin

2017/12/31   -BIGBANG

BIGBANG’s Taeyang Personally Writes About Upcoming Marriage With Min Hyo Rin If you want get daily new videos uploading, please stay with us by subscribing this channel ==========================… 再生回数:1514460286 高評価数: 0 低評価数: 0 投稿日時:2017-12-28 11:24:46 ビデオID:CZ8Xr2lKT0Y


2017/12/31   -BIGBANG

The final episode is a love letter to the fans, who supported BIGBANG for 10 years and made their success all possible. YouTube Red Originals – If you live outside… 再生回数:1495637718 高評価数: 低評価数: 投稿日時:2017-05-24 14:55:18 ビデオID:zcP9-LK9l5k


2017/12/31   -BIGBANG

BIGBANG「分裂說」,Psy「獨立說」……YG會被動搖嗎. 再生回数:1514461613 高評価数: 0 低評価数: 0 投稿日時:2017-12-28 11:46:53 ビデオID:OWowmugyQow


2017/12/30   -BIGBANG

Video Slideshow Maker. 再生回数:1514458725 高評価数: 0 低評価数: 0 投稿日時:2017-12-28 10:58:45 ビデオID:tHp7kpmt1rA

FINAL FANTASY XV: PreOrder DLC – Theme: Big Bang

2017/12/30   -BIGBANG

FINAL FANTASY XV: PreOrder DLC – Theme: Big Bang is available to those who preorder the game from Sony PlayStation Network. 再生回数:1478550973 高評価数: 362 低評価数: 43 投稿日時:2016-11-07 20:36:13 ビデオID:P_qwSwCq6y8

Opening Credits: The Big Bang Theory

2017/12/30   -BIGBANG

The Big Bang Theory TV Series Opening Gredits. 再生回数:1321878916 高評価数: 90 低評価数: 5 投稿日時:2011-11-21 12:35:16 ビデオID:ItRtfwYtr_4

Bigbang gdragon – Expectation Vs Reality

2017/12/30   -BIGBANG

再生回数:1514459910 高評価数: 7 低評価数: 0 投稿日時:2017-12-28 11:18:30 ビデオID:3y8tOn_FPgI

The discovery of the God Particle — Big Bang to Big Data | Kyle Cranmer | TEDxBinghamtonUniversity

2017/12/29   -BIGBANG

A physics professor at NYU and a leader in the search for the Higgs boson at the Large Hadron Collider, the world’s highest-energy particle accelerator in Geneva, Switzerland; pioneered a collabora… 再生回数:1362512462 高評価数: 526 低評価数: 29 投稿日時:2013-03-05 19:41:02 ビデオID:Pv_DtHuj5Ds

The Big Bang Theory – #73

2017/12/29   -BIGBANG

Sheldon tells the gang why the number 73 is the best number around. I cut this video for my mom, who is a math teacher and the subject has forever contaminated her brain…love you, mom! :)… 再生回数:1292049376 高評価数: 1117 低評価数: 33 投稿日時:2010-12-11 06:36:16 ビデオID:TIYMmbHik08

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